adele1Equipped with a soulful jazz inspired voice, Adele Adkins is predicted to be the next big star out of the UK. Despite comparisons to other UK artists (Estelle, Duffy and Amy Winehouse), Adele is unique and stands out for being herself. As an alumni of The BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croyden, she was destined for stardom, whether she realized it or not. After listening to (19) her debut album on Columbia Records, it’s hard to believe that she comes from a non-musical family. The title refers to the age she was while making this album.  Which explains it’s subject matter.  “The whole album is about being between 18 and 19; about love,” states Adele.  Citing Jill Scott, Etta James and others as her favorites, Adele’s powerhouse voice is on the same level of those that she admires being outshined only by her explosive personality. Adele confesses “I’ve always liked being the centre of attention”. Looking at her official website, I was impressed to see that she posts daily blogs for her fans to view. A lot of artists post blogs every now and then but I’ve never seen an artist post on a regular basis. So not only is she a remarkable talent but she connects with her fans on a personal level as well. This ability to connect with her listeners does not stop on the internet, it shows in her music also. Breakout hits Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder are warm-ups for what you can expect on this album. 19 is an album that flows effortlessly showing a great amount emotion that anyone who loves great music can appreciate.