With the support of industry veterans (Missy Elliott, Stevie Wonder and Faith Evans) Jazmine Sullivan’s debut album, Fearless is fierce!  It’s obvious that the theme of this album is Love (the good, the bad and the ugly).  At times Jazmine’s vibrato and vocal range is reminiscent of Lauryn Hill.  This impressive album is full of drums, flute, clarinet, alto/tenor saxophone, piano, guitar, bass, bells, whistles and claps.  Producers include Salaam Remi, Dirty Harry, Jack Splash, Stargate and Missy Elliott who – with Lamb – produced the first infectious single, Need U Bad. “I wasn’t familiar with reggae but Missy said ‘Let’s try it out!,”  Jazmine recalls.   The track became a radio hit and established Jazmine as a fresh voice for the summer music scene and beyond.  On the flamenco-flavored Bust Your Windows, Jazmine introduces listeners to a woman scorned as she attempts to seek revenge by taking control of a relationship gone wrong.  The passion she sings with on this track is amazing!

My personal favorite is the unusually titled Lions, Tigers and Bears.  I cannot say enough about this track but please know that I absolutely love this song.  It addresses reservations and fears that people have as it relates to falling in love.  “I’m not scared of Lions, Tigers and Bears, but I’m scared of loving you”, shows her true apprehensions of falling in love and the risks that come with the feeling. A full orchestra accompanies Jazmine’s voice nicely on this track.  Fear allows Jazmine to relate to her fans, lyrics like “I’m scared to love cuz I’m scared he’ll leave” allows to her become vulnerable with her listeners and remind them that she is just like them and fears the things that they fear.

The statuesque and beautiful Jazmine is all at once smart, sassy, insightful, down to earth and very real. As the primary songwriter on Fearless, Jazmine brings her own experiences and observations on life and love with vivid storytelling imagery to her songs. Most importantly she delivers a soul-satisfying album.