I hear a buzzing in my ear and it’s winter time. I didn’t know bees came out and chilled with the snow. This buzzing keeps interrupting my slumber, with phone calls regarding subjects that are rather irrelevant to my existence. One would think that me constantly ignoring this animal for fear of being stung, would make them go and buzz in someone else’s ear. But not this breed of bee, they buzz and buzz until they get the result that they’re looking for……..a reaction from me.





I’m not talking about the yellow and black bee that we often see and immediately take cover from, I’m addressing those individuals that are in your life that think they’re doing you a favor by hyping you up and getting you amped to address people and issues in a confrontational manner, when that normally isn’t your approach to life. While this Bee who has taken on the form of a human is not your enemy, they certainly are not your friend, but would have you believe they are in your corner and purposely feed you information to believe that others are against you. This person or Bee shall I call them has latched onto you because they see something in you they want. Secretly they admire you and want to be by your side as you ride the rollercoaster we call life, but this like is similar to that of a child and they really don’t want to share you or their newfound friendship with anyone else. So when dealing with a Bee, use a velvet glove approach and maintain your cool. They feed off the reaction you give them and if you satisfy them by acting the way they want you to they will continue to buzz in your ear but if you remain calm and consult others about the information their buzzing you about, then you will come to the realization of what their true intent is/was thus avoiding mountains of drama.