With the recent popularity of social internet sites on the rise (I.e. myspace, face book, crush spot, etc.), a person has their fair share of photos to view. Whether it’s a long lost friend or a complete strangers photo or a photo that you’re in, the theme is often a celebratory one. Photographs are intended to let the person viewing the photos get a glimpse of your life or an event you attended that they were or were not able to attend. Nonetheless, many photos show people having a good time with family and friends.A common theme I see in photos of my peers are women with protruding rear ends in an attempt to draw attention to their derriere and guys holding large bottles of liquor (empty or full) in the air as a way to display their “baller status”. Many may say that this is not the reason that women pose with their behinds tooted and men with their bottles lifted, but I beg the differ. If you are guilty of posing in this manner, please don’t become offensive, because I too am guilty of similar acts. You see in the African American community, having a nice round behind is what many reach for. And while I do agree that we should embrace what we have because society prefers that we remain ashamed of “what our mama’s gave us”, when and where do we draw the line on what we consider as tasteless and inappropriate. As for the men, “poppin bottles” is a symbol of status letting your peers and onlookers know that you have arrived. I get it. I understand the reason and logic behind both, but at whose expense are we displaying these images.Are we thinking of the repercussions of our actions and most importantly, are we thinking about the pictures we are painting for our children. I am a 30 year old woman with a 10 year old son, so in about 2 to 3 years, he will be joining the same social networks that I am currently a member of. Even if I tell him not to , kids will be kids. Not only will we be each others friends on face book but we will have mutual friends’ as well. The question now becomes, do I change my lifestyle as a means to protect my child or do I continue to parlay my booty tooted for the world to see. Another option could be preventing him to join these communities but why should I prevent him from joining a forum that was initially created for school age teens and college students to reunite and keep in touch.I can’t tell you what to do and how to pose in your photos but I do believe in showing my son a good example. My parents are from the South and my mom is 60, so I am aware of the saying, “Do as I say and not as I do”, but in a society where fear of parents prevented kids from acting out, is no longer a way of life, I get the feeling that that saying is null and void for most. I certainly do not want my son to see the pictures that I’ve spoken of in this article and I’m sure you don’t either, So what are you going to do?