hourglass1Today marks day 2 of 2009 and my brain is already trying to sort things out. I’m always thinking of new ways to better myself and become financially independent but why does it take the beginning of a new year for us to refocus our efforts? If we possess the true entrepreneurial spirit that many of us claim, we should have our eyes fixated on the prize throughout the year and a new year should be just that……..a new year. The realization is that we are not perfect nor are you incapable of loosing site of our dreams. Life makes it easy to get side tracked and go on a different path than we initially intended to travel. Sometimes we get curve balls thrown in our direction and a new beginning is what we need in order to dodge that ball or to tackle that curve despite naysayer’s constant attempts to convince us to abandon our dreams. So as I sit here and think of all of the things I have in store for 2009, I can’t help but to revisit everything I set out to do in 2008 because in order to move forward, we must explore our past.