When participating in an organized sport, players often use techniques to get themselves hyped and ready for the big game and the Superbowl is no different. These techniques could be chants, speeches or just plain silence, but whatever it is, it awakens their spirit. Unlike the majority of sporting events, which take place locally, the superbowl is seen on a grander scale for the whole world to watch as we ooh and ahh, with half of the spectators completely unaware of what just happened or who has the possession of the ball. Even though the game is not fully understood by some, the individuals in charge of this yearly affair, have done a great job making sure everyone has something to look forward to, whether it’s the outrageous commercials that you discuss hours after the Superbowl has gone off, or the mesmerizing vocals of Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson. Regardless of what you enjoy most about this yearly tradition, you can enjoy your day in confidence and know that your needs will be met. Many have Superbowl parties in celebration and I bet some of you don’t even know whose playing, but that’s okay. This event that men, women and children look forward to appeals to our inner spirit, thus giving us something we’re either missing for the day or something to look forward to. Laughter, hope and patriotism are good for the soul and so is the Superbowl.