beauty-of-colorJust because we live amongst the crabs doesn’t mean we have to become one of them“.

In a world where everyone is looking for their big break, the most important thing to do is maintain alliances and not to take things personal. The moment you take things personally, you have lost. Sorry to bust your bubble but “everything is not about you”. It’s so much bigger than you and I. We are a piece of the puzzle and while our contributions are great, they can be even greater if we eliminate any negative forces (I.e. people, situations and mindsets). I am in no way as successful as I want to be but consider myself a kind person to everyone that I meet. I am never trying to purposely hurt people with lies and false accusations in an attempt to make myself look good in the eyes of my peers. If our peers truly respect us for our strides, then filling their heads with information about a person we have nothing to do with makes us look stupid and says little for those individuals willing to listen. I support each and everyone of you in all of your endeavors and root for you from afar. I don’t have to speak to you to be in your corner, nor do we have to be friends. You don’t even have to like me for me to love you and wish the best for you. So this year as we work on new projects and make our mark in this world, please keep a few things in mind.


*Our president is black–If this country of ours can rally behind a man of color, then let’s rally behind one another.

*If you secretly try to sabotage the efforts of someone else, then you will never soar the way you are destined to.

*Just because a personal relationship ends, try to maintain the business relationship.

*Love begets love, respect begets respect, encouragement begets encouragement and hate begets hate.



Stephanie D. Danforth