“I’m so so so excited to share with you some new music!  This new album took NO TIME to record. It seems like every word that i sang was already on the tip of my tounge before i even got to the studio. One song I dreamt, came to the studio the producer had music that already went with it and then my new friend/writer filled in the blanks like only he and i can! It was just so fateful. God is always providing!

So…. my new single is called “Epiphany”. I asked Neyo to play an instrumental role in my new work.  I wanted him to listen to my voice and then cater to its uniqueness, listen to my thoughts and then write with them in mind. He’d sit and write right in front of me, asking “do you like this? do you like that?”. I couldnt believe how kind he was, he’s written for everyone and lil’ ol me gets this precious treatment.  A blessing!”