Remember Melinda Dolittle?


melinda-dolittleIf not, I’ll refresh your memory.  She came in third behind Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks a few seasons ago on American Idol.  If I remember correctly she was a very talented vocalist who before the show, made her living as a backup singer which happened to be her downfall in the eyes of the judges.  On a number of occasions, the judges questioned her ability to be a solo artist rather than a back up singer.  Whether they believed in her or not, today she released her debut album as an artist going at it alone.  Coming Back To You reminds you of the old soul that Melinda is and was on the show.  With a retro soul vibe, this album does not disappoint but puts you in a very relaxing state of mind.  While this album is full of remakes, Melinda manages to put her own style on every single track