ray_j_group_1Celebreality can add another star to their long list of celebrities who have jumped into the world of reality television. Monday February 2nd was the premiere of For The Love Of Ray J. Sorry it took so long for me to address this show that follows the ever so popular (I want to find someone to love me but I need help from VH1) formula. Just when I thought Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels looking for love was the lowest producers could go, somehow Ray J has been coerced into thinking the only way for him to find true love is to go on live television. To make matters worse, he constantly brings up the fact that he’s Brandy’s brother, as if living a lifetime in her shadow wasn’t enough. Unlike the previous two VH1 bachelors, most people actually know who you are due to the release of a hot single every 3 to 4 years. While I do think Ray J is a cutie, I wonder if these women went on the show to a) find love, b) for publicity or c) because they saw his manhood on his infamous sex tape?  After constant references made regarding his pal from down under, I think it was c. Nonetheless, I am a fan of most reality shows and I will be tuning in every Monday at 10pm EST.