Apparently, Ricky Minor (music director of American Idol) producer of the superbowl insisted that Jennifer Hudson lip synched her stirring rendition of the National Anthem to the tune of a pre-recorded track. Okay, and so what! Unlike Aretha Franklin, (who I was convinced lip synched at the Inauguration to the point that I bet money she did) I couldn’t tell that she lip synched a thing. Her performance was not only flawless but it was tear jerking. Being able to deliver such a powerful performance after losing close family members and being on the television of millions of homes can definitely put a great amount of pressure on you and Jennifer rose to the occasion. Despite my nonchalant attitude towards the medias attempt to devalue the talent of an artist, I am forced to ask, Why would Ricky Minor voluntarily expose the secrets of this talented artist and spin it like it’s okay? Is he that naive? I’m not the music director of one of the most watched shows on television, but I am well aware of what type of rumors would follow such an allegation. Does the name Ashley Simpson ring a bell? I rest my case. Where is his loyalty to the artists selected to perform on the show? How would he feel if someone exposed his industry secrets? Personally I think exposing her was pretty low and is a reflection of a lack of professionalism.