Last night I had my eyes glued to the television set as I switched channels between the Making The Band 4 Special and America’s Best Dance Crew. MTB4 doesn’t start until February 12th, but that doesn’t stop Diddy or MTV from reminding us of what happened last season. Watching MTB4 reminded me that when that whole Danity Kane debacle went down, I knew that Aubrey and possibly D.Woods would be let go and I knew that Dawn would be going solo. Nothing against Dawn but anytime you get as much screen time as she has gotten (in her quest to figure out what happened) you already know what’s coming next. This season we get to see Dawn and Aundrea as they search for answers and figure out what happened to their “super group”. Let’s not forget Day 26 and their battle to stay on Bad Boy records for more than three years and not end up like Tha Band, Dream and every other group introduced to the world by Bad Boy after the untimely death of the Notorious B.I.G. Hopefully, Day 26, Donnie, Diddy and the remaining members of what was once Danity Kane find the answers that they are looking for. Tune into MTV every Thursday at 10 p.m. EST.