active-crystals2For those of you who have difficulty figuring out ways to incorporate fashion into your life in ways other than cute clothing, you may be in luck. Philips and Swarovski have joined forces to bring us a new form of stylish technology. Appropriately named “Active Crystal”, this fashionable accessory comes in the form of headphones, a USB key or a Bluetooth headset.

The exclusive cut silver dome headphones are a customized crystal design for unparalleled acoustics and deep bass performance. They fit perfectly in your ear with 3 sizes of ultra-soft silicon caps that sit comfortably without adding pressure to them whilst blocking out unwanted noise

Style and simplicity gracefully fuse with the elegant crystal pendant on a double chain necklace, which adds glamour to your USB memory key and the Bluetooth headset. Both come in a stylish and precious design, made of polished stainless steel. If your concerned about it matching what your wearing for the day, remain confident because it is available in black or white.

If your thinking about purchasing the Active Crystal’s you can visit They range from $100 to $260.