naacplogo_4Yesterday the Detroit Free Press raised a very thought provoking question, “Can a civil-rights organization remain relevant in an America that just elected its first black president?”  They have no choice but to stay relevant and at the forefront of the struggles of blacks in America. Barack Obama being elected president is a large step in the right direction but it does not instantly erase our problems nor does it instantly fill Americans with the warm fuzzies. There is still work to be done and I get the distinct feeling that there will always be work to do. I remain optimistic that race relations will get better but people still need to have a voice to represent them and that is what the NAACP gives to the individuals they serve. So as the NAACP marks their 100th year in existence, it is imperative that they continue the to promote change because that good fight is one of the many reasons that we have a black president today.