Acme Supermarkets spark a debate as they attempt to celebrate Black History month.


black-history-monthIn its Jan. 29 circulars, under a “Black History Month” banner, a set of specials is advertised for products including corn bread, collard greens and grape soda. This ad was not well received by the Delaware chapter of the NAACP, Cecil C. Wilson.  “It’s racist, it’s insensitive, it’s not culturally correct,” Wilson said. “Don’t assume that to celebrate Black History Month that we must have corn bread. Whoever put this ad together thought it’d be a good joke”.

The ad wasn’t offensive to Jerry Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP, whose organization has teamed up with Supervalu for events in the past, including in-store promotions. Mondesire stated, “I eat those foods, so it’s fine if someone markets those foods to me,” Mondesire said of the corn bread and collard greens. “A lot of companies market to African-Americans during the month of February.”

Supervalu the company who owns Acme supermarkets, discounts foods for other ethnic holidays as well such as Hispanic Heritage Month.

In true fence straddler fashion, I can’t really pick a side on this. While I the ad does not bother me, I understand how some may be offended.