the-recessionThe economy suffering from economic woes is one thing, but how dare us allow this recession to cross the line and affect the music artists, actors and actresses that we idolize. In the true sense of the “crab in the barrel” syndrome, when we suffer, they suffer. If I do not have the funds to support my Tuesday fix with albums that I can easily download off of Limewire and movies I can get for $5.00 on the street, then how am I supposed to make sure they keep money in their pockets and I constantly go broke week after week. Despite video game and DVD sales on the rise, major corporations began to see the effects of this great Recession as early as October. In Time magazine it was reported that NBC Universal would cut $500 million from their budget for 2009 and Viacom would push out 20 movies a year instead of the 25 movie standard. With the projection of these two major companies taking a hit, I was not surprised to hear the Vibe Magazine would reduce the amount of issues published yearly from 12 to 10. According to Music Press Report, this change will be accompanied by a reduced work week which will include 4 days instead of the 5 days. To make matters worse, ratings of some of the top entertainment television networks (BET, VH1 and MTV) have decreased as well, so much that ad sales have declined by 3%. Many blame the lack of viewers on these networks inability to capture youths attention. In my opinion that’s such a high price to pay for not keeping people intrigued.