harlem-heightsPremiering on Monday, March 2 at 10 p.m., HARLEM HEIGHTS will provide a window into the fascinating world of New York ‘s young, Black and fabulous crowd. Set against the backdrop of the increasingly gentrified neighborhood of Harlem , the series features a diverse cast of eight young adults from different backgrounds who share common goals — making the post-college leap into adulthood and finding love and success in the big city on their own terms.

Each person joins the series at a defining moment in his or her life. From the beautiful, bewitching ex-girlfriend of an international music superstar who is trying to carve out her own identity; to a budding magazine lifestyle editor who seeks to shed the label of “spoiled rich kid” by striking out on his own; the struggling actress trying to balance her social life with her career ambitions; a young man with a troubled family past attempts to find success and give back to his community while overcoming his fear of failure; to a native Harlem-ite who HAS turned his life around to make a way for his young daughter; to the hard partying son of a prominent Harlem political leader who struggles to live up to his father’s clean cut reputation and explores a future in politics; an aspiring lawyer with big ambitions and even bigger opinions to the driven fashionista seeking to maintain her A-list aspirations.

Apparently, there is life after College Hill and BET intends to give us a glimpse of what you can expect living in Harlem, New York.