jada_and_will_smith_and_the_cruises_at_essence_first_black_women_in_hollywood_lucheon_2There’s no secret.  Jobs are hard to come by and depending on how long you’ve been collecting unemployment, your 13 week extension may be towards the end.  When your funds are low, the last thing you want to do is sit around the house doing nothing with constant reminders of your current state and the state of the economy.  Let’s face it, the only things to do at home is watch television and the television is definitely the last thing you should be watching during this recession we’re in especially if you’re tuning into the news.  The question now becomes, how do you either maintain your social life or develop new hobbies and habits on a unemployment check budget.  An unemployment check budget is different than a regular budget because it takes great skill to manage this drastic decrease in funds.  While it’s better to have something than nothing at all, the following tips will help you on your quest for a somewhat social lifestyle.

Order appetizers: Instead of ordering an entree, try ordering two appetizers and fill up on water & bread.

Share desserts:  If you must have that extra sweet treat, why not share it with the person your dining with.

Create Movie Nights:  Chances are your friends are trying to cut corners also, so a movie night will not only benefit you, but them as well.

Order Take Out:  By ordering your food to go, you can cut out leaving a tip for your server.

I hope these tips work for you, because they have definitely worked for me.