Although Rhythmic Soul is about us, I appreciate any man trying to better understand our complexities and using his knowledge to school others.  Apparently Ne-Yo doesn’t just write songs about how to treat women, he practices what he preaches as well.  Read this passage from his Blog as he explains his “Suaveness”.
 A woman wants to know she is appreciated, that what she does for you is appreciated. I don’t mean washing your clothes or cooking your meals. I mean the fact that she went and got her hair done, so you can look at her and say, “Ooh, damn!” The fact that she squeezed herself into that outfit that is probably very uncomfortable so you can say, “Damn, she looks good in that!”
 Women like to talk and when they do, they like to know that you are listening. For example, say your girlfriend wears a certain kind of perfume. She always wears this perfume — nothing else. One day you surprise her with that bottle of perfume when she runs out without asking her what kind it is or where to get it, you are the man! Talking to her friends like, “Oh, he came and he had the perfume and oh!” That shows her that she is not only there to have sex with every now and then. That will make you the man for at least three weeks. Trust me.
 Women like men who, every now and then, go out of their way and do something for them that they are not expecting — something that requires some effort or some doing. Anybody can order some flowers. That takes no effort — you order some flowers and they just show up and you take the credit. However, it takes some doing to go to that Build-A-Bear place and do the voice activation thing and making that bear tell a little inside joke that only you and her know about it.
 Listen — when she says keep it right there, keep it right there. Appreciate if she’s doing you a favorite (you know what I mean, but let’s keep it PG-13), let her know that you’re enjoying it. Don’t be lazy — try a position that ain’t exactly your favorite, but you know she loves. And when your giving a massage, put the bone on break.

– Ne-Yo 😉