alcoholBetween Jamie Fox’s song, “Blame It On the Alcohol” and Luda’s, “One More Drink”, my question is when are we going to start taking responsibility for our actions people.  There’s no doubt that liquor can get you messed up but you can only place the blame on Vodka so much before people start looking at you with the “whatever” look.
If you want to have sexual relations with the big girl, then do that.  Maybe the thought of her soft skin is what made you do it and the alcohol gave you the courage to not think about what others will say and think about you.  If you want to tell someone
how you really feel about them, then do so but know this, it has nothing to do with the alcohol people.  Hennesy is not that powerful. 

We really need to start by taking responsibility for our actions.  The sooner we do that, the better we can avoid putting ourselfves in compromising positions. Songs like the two mentioned above gives people a scapegoat, and that is something we really don’t need.