When an artist writes a song with lyrics that you can relate to, it touches you like never before.  The first time I heard Work In Progress from Mary J. Blige’s “The Breakthrough”, I had to work extra hard to hold back tears.  For the first time I got it and it felt great.  No one is perfect and we all learn from each other and this song is truly an inspiration to me.  I wanted to share these lyrics with the readers of Shades Of You so that they can inspire you as well.


Look in my eyes.
Tell me what you see
Do you see perfection in me?
To you, do I look complete?
Now take one more look pass my celebrity.
That’s where you’ll find the real me.
To you, do I still look complete?

I got every material thing I could ever need.
I got the love from my fans that adore me.
And I’m grateful.
But my love for myself is lacking a little bit.
I can admit that I’m working on me.
Staying faithful.

Just like you sometimes I get down.
Sometimes I just wanna cry.
Sometimes I get depressed.
And just like me, tryna be complete.
Just understand we’re all just a work in progress.
Life can be difficult.
No one promised that it would be…
Sunshine all the time, easy.
Some pain is guaranteed.
But it ain’t impossible.
You can find the joy, you see.
Took me a while but I did finally.
Open your eyes and you will see I’m just like you.

Anybody knowing what it is to struggle.
Never ever running in the face of trouble.
Say “I’m with you”.
“I feel you”.
“I’m with you”.
Just like you…