epiphanyOn the heels of winning a Grammy for the single ”Be Okay” off of  her debut album I Am, The Rhythmic Soul had a chance to speak with Chrisette Michele.  Her excitment was evident as she shared what’s in her future as an artist as well as the reason that she believes she has been successful thus far.  I love listening to everything this old soul has to offer so you could only imagination my jubilation when she agreed to do this interview. 
Rhythmic Soul: What have you been working on since your very successful debut album, “I Am”? 

Chrisette Michele: I’ve been in the studio working on this album with Ne-Yo, Chuck Harmony, Rodney Jerkins (Beyonce), Claude Kelly (Britney Spears).  The record “Epiphany” was written by Ne-Yo and produced by Chuck Harmony.  They worked on six songs with me.

Rhythmic Soul:  Have you selected a title for your new album?

Chrisette Michele: Yes, Epiphany.

 Rhythmic Soul: When is it set to come out?

Chrisette Michele:  May 5th

Rhythmic Soul: I can’t wait for your new album to come out.  How is this album different than the first one?

Chrisette Michele: It’s definitely an album that touches the core of my emotions.   Although I had other writers help me, I believe it’s more personal than my first record.  Working with others freed me up more.  Writing my first album, I probably shied away from things I was afraid to sing about.  This new record is more upbeat and youthful than the first; it’s got more of a urban sound.  I also think I’ve grown musically and personally.

 Rhythmic Soul: I saw you perform live last summer in Detroit, MI and I really enjoyed your show.   How do you prepare for a live performance?

Chrisette Michele: I try to keep my spirits light, drink warm tea, and I don’t talk too much.  Getting nervous is inevitable but by the key is to minimize it by not worrying too much.

Rhythmic Soul:  As an artist, what types of messages do you try to convey in your songs?

Chrisette Michele: I seek to be as positive as possible. I’d like to think that my songs promote love, peace, happiness and independence of mind and body.

 Rhythmic Soul: You’ve worked with everyone from the Roots to Ne-Yo..  Is there anyone that you have not worked with that you would love to work with?

Chrisette Michele: There are so many amazing artists out right now that it’s hard to choose.  I can’t say a couple names.  I’d like to work with everyone!

 Rhythmic Soul: Why do you think you’ve been so successful so far?

 Chrisette Michele:  I think it is my ability to connect with fans and to write music that is true to my heart that people can relate to everyday.  Fans often tell me that their music has helped them feel stronger.