Not to take Keri Hilson’s lyrics lightly but I am forced to view all of the hype surrounding the Keri Hilson vs. Beyonce and others beef as just that……. hype.  In true B-boy style, Keri has used the Remix to her radio hit “Turnin’ Me On” as a vehicle to promote her upcoming album, In A Perfect World, by letting her opinions be known regarding other artist and to establish herself as someone who has sat in the background as other artists have excelled.  If she is in fact talking about Beyonce, Ciara and others, then she is definitely entitled to her opinion but if this beef is something that fans are turning into something bigger than what it really is, it will not be the first time.  As The Rhythmic Soul re-visits beefs involving other R & B darlings, lets remember that they eventually simmered and so will this one.