moniqueWhen I heard that the Monique Show had been cancelled by Radio One, my heart skipped a beat.  There are not many shows on the radio that I can honestly say I enjoy, but this show is on that elite list.  Everytime I tune in, I’m forced to laugh, smile and talk to myself as if I’m talking to the cast of the show.  Originally airing July 23, 2008, the show was in trouble back in November when it was dropped from Los Angeles station KDAY 93.5 and then again in Philly as well.   This parting is bittersweet because it will be followed by Monique being honored at the National Association of Black Owned Broadcast.  Monique will deliver her final broadcast on March 18 and you know I will be listening.  This woman keeps inventing herself and with her positive outlook and magnetic personality, it’s not the last we will hear from this Diva!