90s-rbOnce upon a time I stayed up every night in anticipation of what new and old videos my favorite show Video Soul had in store for me. Whatever came on, I knew that I was in for a treat from Boyz II Men to Brownstone to Zhane to Az Yet, every single group R & B or Hip Hop was my favorite group at any given moment. How I miss those days. What happened to the precise melodies and in tuned harmonies that these great groups of the 90’s belted out while I walked the halls during my high school years. These songs didn’t just appear on movie soundtracks but they were the soundtrack of my life. Every song had a story, a purpose and got me either thinking good thoughts or helped me through a situation. I looked forward to Tuesday’s because I knew something new was on the horizon and although I purchased them in the form of a cassette, I showed my cassettes the same love I would show a CD (compact disc). I remember playing Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” so many times on my car cassette player I decided to record it over and over again on another cassette to make my life easier by not constantly rewinding it. I remember putting pacifiers on my Jodeci boots in order to add a feminine touch. Back then, I wanted to dress like TLC and appreciated them for giving an insecure teen clothing options that I viewed as fashionable that didn’t include showing body parts making me appear older than what I was. I recall getting my dookie braids a la Jade and Brandy. And let’s not forget the jean jumpers, Cross Colors and fitted tops. I miss the 90’s but most of all I miss the music of the 90’s. As far as I’m concerned, you will always understand me better than any other period in music and for that I’ll visit you every chance I get.

What is your favorite memory from the 90’s?