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babyface-and-neyoRemember in school when we learned about analogies. Run is to Walk as Car is to Drive. Yeah I know it can get a bit confusing but you get the point. Usually you can understand the reason behind an analogy and you don’t dispute it because it makes since but I’ve an analogy for you to think about. Have you ever noticed that history repeats itself? That applies to music, movies, fashion, the economy……..everything. Today I’m going to limit which part of history I’m referring to and focus on the producer/singers of the past and the present. It’s no secret that Ne-yo is hot right now and The Dream is on his heels trying to make up for lost time so that he too can headline concerts in the near future. Since history repeats itself in the form of new hit makers and new superstars, I’m forced to ask myself, “Self, who’s place has these two taken the place of”? The answer in my eyes are Babyface & Teddy Riley. Many of you may be cursing at me right now, but please hear me out. I am in no way trying to discredit the accomplishments of either of these great artists but I would be fooling myself if I didn’t see the comparisons and acknowledged them. I compare Ne-Yo to Babyface because like Babyface, Ne-yo shows his softer side and has a knack for putting words on paper that appeal to those looking for traditional R & B. His lyrics are thought out and he has a way of making you really connect with what he’s saying. Aside from being a remarkable writer, Ne-Yo can actually sing which is something that I can not say about The Dream or Teddy Riley, which explains why I compare them to one another. Teddy Riley was known more for his innovative beats and his ability to bring life into other artists careers as a producer of new sounds. Although he sang also, that was not his strength. The Dream is very similar to him because he has assisted with some of today’s top albums, bringing a new sound to artists in need of a rebirth. Although The Dream is not as vocally strong as Ne-Yo, he will make a respectable impact on the game, such as Teddy Riley.  I am not trying to compare Babyface to Teddy Riley, my point is that the R & B crooner and the New Jack is alive, breathing and kicking in the form Ne-Yo and the Dream. 



 Are there any artists of today that remind you of artists of yesterday?