keri-hilson1Back up singers and writers have been influential in the success of many artists and although many of them can sing, arrange and perform just as good as the artists they write for, they choose to stay in the background. Keri Hilson is on this elite list of successful writers responsible for launching the careers of some of today’s top artists. The difference between “Ms. Keri” and others is that she is ready to step out of the shadows and into the limelight and In A Perfect World she is on equal playing field as Beyonce, Ciara and anyone else who wants to battle this lyrical songstress. Her long overdue album drops March 24, 2009 and is backed by super producer Timbaland and his record label Mosley Music Group.

keri-hilson_lUpon listening to track one, the Intro, it is evident that Keri is slightly cocky but in this industry, if you’re not confident in yourself, then who will be so I will not hold this against her. In true home girl style, she is quick to point our where she’s from as well as alert listeners that she’s a self-proclaimed thug. Nothing is left to the imagination as she explores subjects ranging from how to impress her to affairs of the heart on this 15 track release. ‘Turnin’ Me On‘, brings Keri and Lil’ Wayne together on this “How To“ for men as they receive lessons on how to turn her on instead of turning her off. Although the song comes off sounding nasal at times, it is not only infectious but is a standout on this album. Keyshia Cole joins Keri on ‘Get Your Money Up’ which is one of many songs that touch on empowerment and independence for women. Throughout the album you hear beats that sound futuristic that only producers Timbaland, Polo and Danja can get away with and although some songs sound very familiar, this doesn’t take away from the raw and real emotion that Keri Hilson displays. At times the attitude she displays is reminiscent of Monica, which in my eyes is a plus because attitude is something that R & B could use. I’m not one to tell people to go out and get an album, but if you’re not a Keri Hilson fan, don’t worry because Ne-yo, Kanye West, Timbaland and other artists are enough to carry this album alone. Add Keri’s vocals to the star studded cameos and In A Perfect World is a very impressive album to add to your collection of music.

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