corneille1I knew there was a reason to watch VH1 Soul on a daily basis.  Aside from enjoying all of the throwback videos, Soulstage, Soul Story and all that good stuff, they always put me up on artist that I am not aware of and yesterday was no different.  I never said I knew everything regarding music and I definitely like being schooled.  VH1 Soul introduced me to Canadian singer Corneille yesterday and I am so thankful they did.  Upon visiting his website, I was surprised to see that he is now on his 3rd album (the first two was in French) and even though I couldn’t understand a word on the first two albums, they were still soothing music to my ears.  His newest album is called The Birth of Corneille and is released on Motown Universal Records.  Take a look and listen at the video for his single “Back To Life” and give us your thoughts. 

What do you think of this soul singer?