Hello Rhythmic Souls, I’m happy to announce a few small changes it the site.  While they are not major changes, I believe that your viewing experience while on Rhythmic Soul will be enhanced. Most of the changes can be viewed at the right of your computer screen.

I.  Search Bar: Now you can use our search bar to see what articles, videos or interviews we have featuring your favorite artists.

II.  Subscribe:  You can now subscribe to Rhythmic Soul and receive notifications when the site is updated.

III. Categories:  Enjoy Categories that get to the point which includes:

         a. Features (Interviews & News)

         b. Lifestyle (Fashion, Technology and Living)

         c. On Stage (Concerts or Live Performances)

         d. Reviews (Album & Song Reviews)

         e. Rhythmic Thoughts (Editorial commentary on various subjects)

         f.  Videos (New & Old Music Videos)

IV.  Recent Posts:  Find out what has been recently posted without going through everything.

V.  Tags:  Look for the name of your favorite artists to see what features we have of them.

VI. Archives:  Revisit articles from previous months.

VII. Videos:  View Videos that are posted throughout the site.

We are constantly trying to improve this site.  Please send all feedback (positive and negative) to rhythmicsoul@ymail.com.

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