ciara-justin-300x2701I’ve been hesitant to post this video or make comments on my thoughts but I can no longer remain silent. I realy don’t have a problem with this video. What does rub me the wrong way is some of the stripper like movements of Ciara. I know she’s trying promote her newest album, but is this the only way? I don’t doubt that this will get mad love from most video watchers but my jury is still deliberating on this one. Secondly, after she talks about the subject matter for a good 2 minutes, she finally tells Justin, “this is where the falling in love begins”.  For real, is that what’s up?  Is the message of sex before falling in love a message that CiCi wants to convey to her younger fans.  There alot of young girls who look up to this superstar.  We know people do it but to actually confirm it is a bit much.  Tell you what, you watch the video and tell us what you think.