Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.   Franklin P. Jones


After watching the final episode of T.I.’s television show, Road To Redemption I am in awe of the amount of remorse he has displayed throughout the series in which he attempts to turn his wrongs into rights by helping troubled teens avoid going toward a life of crime such as himself. While I applaud his efforts, I often questioned his motives and wondered if he was doing the show for publicity so his album Paper Trail can continue to sell millions of records while he serves a 1 yr sentence. Hopefully, his efforts to affect the lives of youngsters was sincere and not completely calculated. Aside from obvious reasons of inspiration, I prefer to reflect on the relationship that he and his girlfriend Tiny have. I think their bond is absolutely adorable. Their interaction with one another is so genuine and it shows that they have a great amount of love for one another. In life it isn’t everyday that you find someone who is not only willing to deal with the everyday scrutiny of being with a celebrity but can stand by your side and support you when tough times hit, because when they hit, they hit hard. It takes a strong woman to remain supportive knowing that her man is surrounded by beautiful women, compromising situations and then a 1 yr prison sentence. My hat goes off to Tiny for everything that she has endured. In addition to a magnetic connection with one another, I found their Southern accents to be just as cute as their remarkable relationship. While they were at dinner I felt like I was listening to two old people from down south as she talked about what she wanted for dessert, only for T. I. to blush from embarrassment. People can diss reality television all they want, but you don’t get raw emotions like this from scripted network television shows. This type of love and appreciation can only stem from natural feelings in the realest form. I don’t know what the future holds for this couple, their children or anyone else affected by his sentencing but I know that love can get you through many things and I pray that love works in their favor.