vanessa-simmons2Vanessa Simmons will be teaming up with Marcus Houston and Chris Stokes for a movie based on a modern day version of “The West Side Story.” Boogie Nights takes place in a New York City towards the new future. In a society where battle dancing has been outlawed, illegal dance contests now take place in the underground world of ‘Boogie Town.’ Micah (M. Houston) is the leader of the rival dance crews, possess ‘Herculean’ powers which take the battles to extreme levels. Despite the animosity between the two crews, Micah falls in love with Jay’s beautiful sister Natalie (V. Simmons) and the two become a future-day Romeo and Juliet. The choreographer is Shane Sparks, the judge from MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.” I can’t wait to see what moves he will come up with for Vanessa and Marcus.   I think it’s great that Vanessa is making a path for herself instead of riding on the coat tails of her father Rev. Run from Run D.M.C.  I wish her much success!


How do you think she will do?