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After the recent dismissal of Chardonay on For The Love of Ray J, I am very puzzled and confused about Ray J’s logic for keeping the self confessed psycho a.k.a. Danger (the name says it all).  Whenever I’m confused about the actions of the male species, I turn to my husband and attempt to get some clarity on why men do the things that they do.  When I asked Moe, Would you have kept Danger too?  His reply was hell yea! Imagine my surprise because I am nothing like this chick.  His logic was, “She’s crazy toward’s the girls, not toward Ray J”.   Now if I’m using my brain to it’s full capacity, I’m thinking once a psycho, always a psycho.  I’m sure men have some type of reason for doing the things that they do and while I don’t understand it, I am going to attempt to make some sense of it.  In my attempt to “get it” I figured why not compile a list of how men view good girls vs. bad girls.


What Makes the Bad Girl Good:

She’s fun
She’s often the life of the party and the guys don’t mind hanging with her.

She’s exciting
Bad girls are walking adrenaline rushes. She’s always game to try something new.

She craves sex
She enjoys sex just as much as most men and does not mind telling you.

She’s eye candy
Can usually be seen in stilettos and loves to look good.

She ups your status
When you have a stunner like this on your arm, all other men are jealous and women are intrigued.

What Makes The Bad Girl Bad:

She’s untrustworthy
All men want her and she knows it, and she’s definitely a serial flirter.

She’s dangerous
She’s the type who will go 100 in a 30 mph zone just because she likes the rush.

She makes a bad partner
Bad girls are extremely self-obsessed and selfish.

She is expensive
She wants the best of the best and feels like she deserves whatever she wants.

What Makes the Good Girl Good:

She’s wholesome and nice
A good girl is rarely bitchy or “empowered.”

She’s a clean slate
With her limited sexual experience, a good girl doesn’t have a lot of men to compare you to and won’t expect you to be a world-class lover.

She’s unlikely to cheat on you
Good girls tend to be homebodies, not party girls.

She’s often your best friend
She genuinely enjoys your company and gives back to you as much as she takes.

She’s easier on finances
Good girls can rate low on the maintenance scale — they’re much more likely to share dating expenses (just because it’s the right thing to do).

She makes a good wife & mother
The typical good girl is caring, down to earth and nurturing.

What Makes the Good Girl Bad:

She’s about as exciting as vanilla
Since she’d rather stay at home reading a book than go out partying, life with a good girl can be a bit uneventful.

She can be a sexual dud
Good girls are often boring in bed, either from lack of experience or lack of desire.

She’s fashionably comfortable
She wears her hair pulled back and little make-up. Comfort is very important to her.