day-26Have you ever had a friend that wasn’t acting themselves lately? We all have our days and due to life’s unexpected surprises, people tend to understand if you’re having one of those rare moments. Those uncharacteristic moments become a problem when it not only affects you but the one you love as well. Last night Day 26 graced our televisions with yet another entertaining show–royal rumble style. Their situation got me thinking and while the show may be over dramatized by MTV’s editing there is definitely something to learn from their situation. Que may not be in any serious trouble. Their personalities may be just clashing with each other because the reality is…..they spend a lot of time together so disputes are bound to happen. But what if Que was really going through something serious? What if he was dealing with some real issues? It becomes a problem when those closest to him knows something is wrong but don’t know what the problem was so they have no solution. The question now becomes, how long do you try to help your friend although you know that they are spiraling downward with no ending in sight.   Furthermore, how do you help them without it blowing up in yur face?  Today we are going to use the situation with Day 26 to examine ways that you can help a friend in trouble without becoming frustrated with that person and becoming completely absorbed with their problems.

If this person is a dear friend of yours, you should not put a time frame on how long you are willing to help them. Close friends are often closer than some family members because unlike family, you are not forced into the relationship via birth but you choose them because you see something in them that compliments who you are as a person.

Once you’ve started to notice a difference in behavior, try to pinpoint what that problem is. They may choose to deal with the problem alone but I wouldn’t give up on them. Try talking to their family or someone else close to them. You may not be alone in noticing signs of distress and two heads are definitely better than one when trying to find logic in the actions of a troubled person. Family especially may be able to give you some clues to help in your quest to try to help your friend.

Not to sound pessimistic, but be prepared for the worse but remain prayerful that this not the case. By preparing yourself for the worst case scenario, you can research multiple options for help and keep people on stand by in case they are needed. If the problem becomes far worse before it gets better, an intervention may be necessary. This will probably be met with a great amount of opposition. If this is someone that you truly love, it will be worth it in the long haul.

When trying to help this person, let them know that you love them and how important they are to you every chance you get. Your words of encouragement and love could what they need to get through their situation and can make the difference between them doing something harmful to themselves.

Last but certainly not least, remain patient. There will times when you are frustrated and feel like giving up on this person. Think positive with thoughts of how things once were, how much you love them and keep in mind the person you are dealing with is not your friend but someone else who needs your help. Under this new non familiar person is your friend and you owe it to them to do whatever it takes to help them return to their true self.