It’s no secret…..R & B has changed drastically. With R & B/ Hip Hop anthems taking over the airwaves, gone are the days of smooth ballads…..the kind that you would play at your wedding. Years ago, Case hit the scene with hits like ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Touch Me, Tease Me’ and has yet to release a song that matched the success he once had. On March 24th , he released The Rose Experience, which stays true to Case’s signature sound – soul music with a twist of new jack and hip-hop, will not disappoint fans. Always drawing from his musical influencers like Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Elton John and Earth Wind and Fire, new songs such as “Lovely” and “I Can’t” will take the listener on a journey into love and relationships from Case’s perspective. In case you didn’t know, he has a video for the lead single ‘Lovely’ out right now. Let us know what you think.