Who is Ayah?

 A woman, sister, lover, friend, a youth worker, activist, human. Always striving to be a better me!

 You have a new album coming out this week, tell us about that?

 4:15 is the name of my new album coming out this week, available for order at www.ayahmusic.com! I’m really excited about this album. I’m doing it independently, my way. It’s my first album! It features production from some of the greatest! DJ Jazzy Jeff, Slakah the BeatChild, Amir, Lyve, & Thrysite blessed this project.

 Why did you choose to name it 4:15?

 4:15 am is when I feel like I’m the realest me. I’m home, my glasses are on, wearing sweats, working on music, or asleep dreaming about it!

 You released a pre-album Problem Woman, how are the two projects different?

Problem Woman was a mix tape. It featured my songs over Marvin Gaye music, as well as other hip-hop classics. It was a promotional tool I gave away that introduced the people to who I was. This project features my songs over original music. They are both similar in the sense that they both represent me and my progress and I put my heart in to both. I’m not trying to do anything that doesn’t come natural to me! Both of these feel genuine.

 You guest blog on http://www.soulbounce.com, How has that helped with promotion of this album?

 Well, it has definitely introduced me to a broader audience, as well as allowed me to express myself outside of music. People can get to know me through the site. I’m thankful to Soulbounce for their support!

 I love your video for your single Believe, How did that concept come about?

 People may not realize this, but Believe is not a song about a man. It’s a love story about music. It’s about starting a new relationship with music and not being sure about the future. It’s about having a blind faith and following your heart regardless of the outcome. The video shows my process of being influenced by real life events and then transferring that in to my music at the studio, and then on to the stage and sharing it with the people! Believe was the first video that Slakah the BeatChild directed! He also produced the beat!

 When are you shooting your next video?

 I just shot the next video yesterday! Very excited about that!

 What do you plan on doing on the day your album drops?

 Hmmmm, I’ll probably listen to the album (try to be objective). Promote it like crazy. Smile because I did it!

 Are there any tours planned?

 We are in the process now of planning the tours. I have a few dates set up already which I am excited about!

 Do you have a favorite track on the album?

 I have to say no, but I’m going to say “Who Are We” has a very special place in my heart. I love it all though!

 On a lot of your singles I hear live instruments, why is important to include that element in your music?

 It’s important because instruments make music! I want to make classic music that can last indefinitely. To me, that feeling comes from live instruments.

 What artists are you currently feeling?

 Ms Badu, Andre 3000, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Foreign Exchange, Tona, Mary J, so many to mention!

 What are five words that describe you as an artist?

 Lets see…..Curious, rebellious, nostalgic, genuine, growing.