The Recent News Of EnVogue Re-Uniting, Got Me Thinking……

envogueGirl groups come and girl groups go but there is nothing like a group of women who can look past the petty mess and work their problems out to create a great and successful friendship. When you’re in a girl group, the strength of your friendship can often determine how strong your group will be. A common theme responsible for the demise of girl groups is the singling out of one artist thrusting them into the limelight as the “leader” of the group thus causing her to eventually go solo. All the great ones do it, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Coko and many more. I’m sure these women had people in their ears telling them how well they would be as a solo artist so I don’t really blame them for seeking superstardom status on their own. The ones that are affected the most when this happens are the other group members. Unlike Destiny’s child, most fans are not familiar with who the other group members are, so going solo is not always an option for them. If you’re currently in an All girl group and you’re striving be like the Supremes, Destiny’s Child or SWV, you may want to rethink that plan. Instead, I suggest you follow the path of TLC or En Vogue and I’m happy to tell you why.



Each girl in the last two groups mentioned had their own individual style when it came to fashion and personality. When a group is trying to dress alike, the look often looks good on one person but may not be as flattering on others.



Your group members may end up in the news for good or bad press and when that happens, speak up. Do not hide behind your superstar status when it comes to your friend. There is nothing wrong with openly expressing you support for each other because when all of this fame is gone, that friendship should always remain in tact. If someone is wronging your sister/friend, standing by and saying nothing will only make things worse and draw a wedge between you all.


Bring Something To The Table:

In a group it is very important that all members bring something to each and every track recorded. The last thing you want to do is have parts in songs and routines that are not needed or can be done by someone else. Each album needs to be a group effort instead of one members chance to shine in anticipation of her going solo.


Agree On Group Business:

Managers or record labels are hired by the group and if the group members do not agree with who the group has hired, something needs to change. Leaving your group members to fend for themselves because they no longer agree with who is working for the group leaves a very sour taste in their mouths and the mouths of fans and makes you look like your out for self, even if you’re not.


Value Each Other:

Even if one group member can not be in the group for whatever reason, always value that individuals presence. If that person has to be replaced for whatever reason, let it be known that you miss them and they could never truly be replaced.

Although some groups have gone on to be the top selling groups of our time, they didn’t follow the rules listed above and to the fans they may be great but my heart goes out to the girls who sat by and watched their careers snatched from them because one members interest was in mind or because they didn’t have anyone speaking on their behalf. I am not taking away from the talent of the women who have gone solo, because let’s face it, I have all of their albums as well, but we have to be cautious and held accountable for the way our actions affect one another especially when there is money and friendships  involved.

Check Out EnVogue as they show how a true group shares the lead!!