oletaadamsApril 21, 2009, marks the return of Oleta Adams.  Her new album Let’s Stay Here, is released.  Followers of Oleta Adams often refer to her as the ONLY singer. Throughout her long career, which began with Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of the immortal ‘Get Here,’ Oleta has earned her devoted fan base by staying with the essentials: honest, soulful vocals, unforgettable songs, and uplifting arrangements. Let’s Stay Here is prime Oleta: she delivers each song’s message with grace, clarity, and quiet power, whether it’s her own composition or a classic cover, such as the version of Nina Simone’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ that was central to the 2007-8 Buick campaign.

Oleta’s fans, who flock to her sold-out shows all over the U.S., have been waiting a long time for Let’s Stay Here, and it delivers all the way. It’s a new statement of pure soul, ten messages of hope and love for our tough times.

Raised with gospel music, Adams released two solo albums before getting discovered by pop group Tears For Fears in the ’80s. After touring with and opening for the group, her solo career took off in 1990 with the album Circle of One, which peaked at #1 in the U.K. Adams has released six more albums since, and her cover of Brenda Russell’s track ‘Get Here’ earned her the first of many Grammy nominations.

Track list for Let’s Stay Here:

1. Picture You The Way That I Do
2. Feelin’ Good
3. We Can’t Stay Here
4. No Way To Love Me
5. Another Day
6. Best That I Can Do
7. Let’s Stay Here
8. Don’t Explain
9. Yesterday
10. Act Of Forgiveness