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57104745Last night was Disco night on American Idol and thanks to reliable AT & T U-Verse, I wasn’t able to watch it as it aired.  Thank goodness for youtube because it allows me to see things that I was not able to see.  I’ll admit I did read other peoples reaction to the performances and that intrigued me even more.  As usual my girl Lil Rounds received negative comments and Allison Iraheta received praises from the judges and fans.  In a competition that usually has a pretty good male to female ratio, out of 7 contestants left, 2 are girls so I have no choice but to root for the female contestants.  In my opinion both are superb singers but we all know that Lil’s day of saying goodbye are coming soon.  Many think that it’s because she talks back to the judges or lack of talent but I don’t think those are the issues with Lil.  Unfortunately, there is a sense of “been there, done that” and I feel like they are looking for a different sound and all around performer which is why I truly believe Allison has a shot.  At times Allison’s voice can be a bit too grogy but overall it’s originality that keeps people intrigued.  I am curious to see what type of performer Allison will be but in the true words of Randy, I’m sure she will “work it out”.  Last night Lil sang ‘I’m Every Woman’ and Allison sang ‘Hot Stuff’.  Check out the videos below and tell me what you think.