5-coverI love it when local artists get the respect and recognition that they’re entitled to.  New York, LA and Atlanta usually get the respect of fans as well as other artists leaving cities like Detroit, Chicago and Memphis out of the national limelight (Emimnem and Kanye West are the exceptions). 

This May, MTV will present “$5 Cover,” a musical drama set in Memphis, Tennessee, and stars the hottest up-and-coming Memphis artists playing themselves as they fight for love, inspiration and money to pay the rent. The series explores the modern-day incarnation of the city’s historic music scene through the lens of Memphis-based filmmaker Craig Brewer, acclaimed director of “Hustle & Flow.In addition to this new reality show fans will have full access to all the music and artists they discover through “$5 Cover” with the release of the series’ soundtrack, available exclusively in digital formats, on Tuesday, April 28.

The format of the “$5 Cover” series allows for the experience to be developed in other cities around the country and the globe, exploring music and culture from the point of view of filmmakers who are as knowledgeable and passionate about their local scenes as Craig is about Memphis.

The show premieres on May 1 at midnight.