danity_kane_5751As you all know I love to take situations that celebrities find themselves in and relate them to everyday life.  It is my belief that we can learn from everyone and their experience and Bad Boy’s all female group Danity Kane is no different. 

Last night the finale aired and based on the manerisms and responses from the ladies, it’s rather obvious that a reunion tour isn’t in their future.  Prior to the show airing, I asked my Facebook friends “How do you dismiss a friend from your life when that friendship is over?”  This question applies to the ladies of Danity Kane for this simple reason,  they came together with the intent of being apart of a super group.  Now that the group has disolved, I don’t think their friendships will be the same, if they were ever friends to start with.  Some of them may continue a relationship but I really don’t think we will see pictures of Dawn and Aubrey sipping tea together at lunch.   

 When I posed the above question to my friends, I didn’t expect to get such a variety of answers but I wanted to share them with the readers of Rhythmic Soul.  (The names used are their Facebook aliases)

 LaKeisha Rene’

The way I do it is to go on like they never existed. Sometimes you just have to walk away. I’ve gotten past the point in my life where I feel like I need to “talk it out” or argue.

Some, u just do what l.r. suggested. Other times, it may just b a bonus 2 cuss em out 4 whatever made u realize that they wasnt shit, plus any other shit u may want 2 blame on them, like the fuckd up weather and the pistons losing, and gas prices. Lol. Just a thought.
I think a true friend is someone who accepts you for who you are and has your back for anything!!! its easy to cut someone off, I recently cut off two, one I knew since 90 and the other since 94!!! when people don’t have your best interest at heart get rid of their ass fast and don’t look back
Just do it! Dont BS with it. The sooner the better.
U dismiss them abruptly! I’ve had to do it recently, family included.
All of the ladies have their own approach to this situation but the bottom line is that it has to be done and only you know which method works best for you.