new-yorkDo you want to see New York work in the circus, on a farm or take your order at a fast food restaurant? Not Really, but I’m sure it will entertaining. VH1 has done a great job at making themselves a relevant network with shows that people look forward to watching and their new show, ‘New York Goes To Work’ will be no different.  During each week’s episode the voting options will be displayed for fans to pick New York’s job for the following week by texting the letters A, B, or C of the corresponding job option to 62626. Voting will remain open until 3:00 PM PT/ 6:00 PM ET the following day (Tuesdays). Tune-in as the antics ensue each Monday night at 10PM* to see what occupation the viewers have chosen for New York.

The premise of the show is that every actress needs a day job and even VH1’s resident reality queen, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, is not exempt. It’s time for New York to get her hands dirty. Beginning today, viewers can vote for the job they want to torture New York with in VH1’s new series “New York Goes to Work.” For the first episode, New York will have to work one of the following jobs:

  A) Ranch Hand
  B) Baker
  C) Exterminator

I’m not sure if I will be voting but I will probably tune in weekly, but with all the economic hardships in this country, why not help other people get a job. I’m just saying.