chrisettepromo1So far I’ve loved every song I’ve heard from Chrisette Michele.  This sultry voiced songbird hit the music scene a few years ago with her debut album, ‘I Am’ and I have been a fan ever since.  Today marks the release of her sophomore album, ‘Epiphany’.  Produced by Ne-Yo, Chuck Harmony and others, Chrisette and ‘the sophomore slump’ should not be in the same sentence or even the same paragraph.  Some may not appreciate the ‘more upbeat and youthful’ vibe she was trying to create but it’s that more upbeat feel that will put her in the category that she belongs in and not limit her to the strictly Adult Contemporary sound that is an unfair road block for such a vibrant songstress. 

 There are a number of songs that stand out to me.  One of my favorites is the piano-based, “Blame It On Me”, which she gives her ex permission to blame their failed relationship on her, just as long as it’s over.  Another stand out to me is “Notebook” and lead single “Epiphany”.  I only named three songs, but every song is great!

This album displays a certain vulnerability that I think is essential for artists to show as they attempt to connect with fans.  Songs that discuss heartbreak, feelings, love and life are common themes as Chrisette let’s listeners into her world.  We often forget that artists are human and relationships can take a toll on them as well.  Described as a breakup album, expect to get so much more than the typical “woe is me” ballad or self reflective downers.  Expect to be empowered.