lil-kim-dancing-with-the-starsI confess……I’m not a fan of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  It’s not that I dislike this show that teams a celebrity (relevant or not) with a trained dancer for a weekly dance off which usually results in one person getting voted off.  I’ve actually tuned in a few times but nothing about the show really peaked my interest.  When I found out that Lil’ Kim was going to be on the show, I said I would watch this season, but that idea soon vanished. 

This week on two completely different occasions, two of my friends voiced their dissatisfaction about Lil’ Kim being voted off.  Both women agreed that she was the best celebrity dancer out of all the celebrity dancers.  Even Diddy was supportive as he posted weekly twits on twitter under his alias @iamdiddy, urging fans to vote for her.  All of these admirers of Lil’ Kim, peaked my curiousity, so I headed over to Youtube to see what the fuss was all about. 

Praised by judges week after week, I’ve watched every single performance from Lil’ Kim and I am still searching for explainations of why she got voted off.  I’m curious, why do you think she was voted off?