nwaHaters Of Rap Music Should Think Twice

To hate something, I feel you have to really understand it, get to know it and make a conscious decision to stay away from it so the next time someone says, “I hate rap music”, your question should be, “How can you hate something that you don’t understand?” Since the beginning, this music genre has often been viewed as being rebellious. People (grown ups in particular) have tried to write it off as being just a fade. Sorry folks but fades come and go, so rap music is definitely not that. You even have music enthusiast proclaiming that it isn’t really music but what they fail to realize is the same music they view as “true” music was once “hated” by their mums and dads. It’s as if peoples dislike in whatever their children listen to repeats itself. My question now becomes is this dislike for all things rap, hip hop and the culture truly due to a lack of understanding or are people just acting old and doing the exact same thing their parents, grandparents and great grandparents did………not giving something new a chance.

With Hip Hop growing up, I’m really curious to see what type of music old hip hop heads will develop a dislike for or were the Baby Boomers the last generation to make false assumptions regarding certain genres of music and the people who listen to them. I honestly don’t see artists like Jermaine Dupri or Snoop Dogg putting down the music that their kids listen to. If we’re honest with ourselves, that close minded mentality is the reason that artists from the 50’s and 60’s are not as well off as they should be. Their inability to embrace change and welcome progression is their fault and they could actually learn a thing or two from the names I mentioned above. I am in no way trying to downplay their successes, but change is inevitable, so you either embrace it or watch someone else succeed while you limit your options