When Bad/Good Things Over Shadow Your Music Career

ericbenet2 Breaking into the glitzy world of entertainment can be rather hard. Most people spend countless hours honing their craft and paying their dues only to know that they’ve arrived when they receive a tabloid feature. Constant reminders of your superstar status are everywhere you are invading your space in the form of a creature called the paparazzi. But what happens when that person following you is following you for all the wrong reasons…….at least to you, the reasons are wrong. Everyone isn’t destined to make it big for various reasons, but for those who have a world of talent only to be overshadowed by their personal screw ups, my heart goes out for them.

 Take Eric Benet. Personally, I have always been a fan of this underrated vocalist but he did not become a household name until he became Mr. Eric Berry. Regardless of how messed up that is, being a household nam isn’t a bad thing unless you make it a bad thing. Unfortunately, for Eric the upside of being Mr. Berry came to a halt when rumors of his sex addiction were confirmed leading to the break up of his notoriety ride. Now when you say Eric Benet, the response is often, “isn’t that the guy who cheated on Halle Berry”.

Other Artists who may not be remembered for their vocal qualities include:

Shaquille O’neal– Good for Shaq! Although he dabbled in music, he will go down as one of the best in the NBA. Not bad for a guy who rocked with the Fu-Schnickens.

Amy Winehouse– Hopefully Rehab can revive her career the same way it helped Britney.

Queen Latifah– This is a toss up, I can still recite her verses to ladies first, but she’s made a name for herself away from music and I’m proud of her.