I love watching VH1 Soul because they always find ways to teach me things that I either do not know or force me to have an Ah Ha moment. Each time I watch , Soul Deep: The Sound of Young America, I learn so much about the rich history of Northern Soul music. If your not familiar with the show, it basically chronicles events at Motown & Chess Records, their rise to superstardom and what contributed to their sound and their rivalry. Today I want to talk about the hit song, “Rescue Me”. I absolutely love this song and like so many, I’ve given Aretha Franklin credit for singing this soulful gem. Well people we’re wrong! The original vocalist of this great song is Fontella Bass. Another misconception is that this was a Motown hit. Wrong again! This bass driven beat was inspired by what was popular over at Motown records but Chess records gets the credit for this one. So enjoy one of my favorite songs by Ms. Bass and Happy Monday!