tx_game7-051709eWhat do you do when your competition is not another woman but a man in shorts prancing up and down a basketball court trying to shoot a ball into a net. Yes I’m talking about the NBA Playoff season. By now, the playoffs are well under way and your husbands or boyfriends attention span is reminiscent of a 3 yr old child on Christmas morning who doesn’t want to leave the Christmas tree. Your nights are met by mornings with you waking up only to see ESPN’s Sportscenter on the television as the same programming repeats itself for at least 12 hours. Your Lifetime movies are changed to TNT to watch Charles Barkley’s take on last nights game. The NBA is not only running your household but your shine has been stolen. What’s a girl to do? How do you compete with other men?

For starters, if you can’t beat them, join them. Use this opportunity to be the social butterfly that you are. Plan a playoff watching party. Who cares if your friends don’t watch the sport. Do you really need a reason to invite a bunch of people over to celebrate, have good conversation and enjoy a couple of drinks.

Show that man of yours that you actually care about what his interests are by asking him questions about the sport in an effort to gain a better understanding. He will definitely appreciate you showing the slight bit of interest but do this with caution. Do not ask him questions while the game is playing, wait until commercial breaks. If you interrupt his viewing with simple questions, his enthusiasm about your enthusiasm will fade faster than you can imagine.

Another way to make the best of the playoff season is to find out if your hometown team is playing. If they are in fact in the playoffs, try getting tickets to one of the games. This tactic does take some planning but it can be done. If your team advances into the further rounds of the playoffs, this may be more difficult to accomplish. He will be so excited that you went this extra mile for him, he will quickly forget your lack of interest or understanding of his favorite sport.

 Any of the methods above will earn you major points with your boo and he will appreciate you so much more all because you decided to compete with the other man and not give in to the NBA.