charm-school-cast-picThis morning I watched today’s episode of Charm School with Ricki Lake on VH1. On this season’s installment, we find some of the ladies of Real Chance of Love and the 3rd season of Rock of Love trying to right their wrong behaviors by learning some ladylike habits. On today’s episode it is rather obvious that the show is divided by race and tempers flare when women with dominant personalities from both shows clash. Once this tension is ignited, viewers find the loud yelling of the Real Chance of Love ladies competing with the alcoholic rage of the Rock of Love ladies.

When all is said and done, one of the Real Chance of Love girls are asked to leave the Charm School but I was pretty sure that would be the outcome especially after her constant threats towards the other women. What I did not expect was the backlash from her fellow cast mates as they openly displayed their dissatisfaction towards the show’s host Ricki Lake, even going as far as blaming their skin color for what they considered an unfair expulsion.

This reaction by the women has prompted many questions by me but the main question is , Why are blacks so quick to pull the race card? I understand that some situations may warrant this reaction but every situation that does not go in your favor does not involve the color of one’s skin. Could the outcome of a situation be the result of you getting what is coming to you because of something that you’ve done? When the race card is improperly used, it often results in someone not taking responsibility for their actions. It also teaches those watching your reaction that it’s okay to blame others or circumstances for your behavior even when you have acted inappropriately.

During the previews (because this is further addressed in the next episode) I didn’t see anyone mention the fact that a white woman was sent home in the first episode but I didn’t see anyone blame race for that elimination either which leads me to my next question. Do white’s use the race card as much as blacks? Since I am not white, I really don’t know the answer to that question. I have however heard whites blame affirmative action for limiting their options when competing with someone of color, so would that be their equivalent?

Whether you’re black or white, please take responsibility for your actions. If you curse someone out and use intimidation methods do not be surprised if you find yourself being escorted out of a more pleasant situation. If you do get a job because your competition is someone of a color, maybe you were less qualified.

I was really hesitant to write this article for a couple of reasons. In my attempt to make my point, it is not my intent to upset anyone or rub them the wrong way, just to simply make us think about the way our words, actions and accusations can be viewed. The next time you decide to use the race card to justify what you view as an unfair outcome or situation, please thoroughly think about the stigma you are placing on the person being accused because once you’re viewed as a racist, I can only imagine how difficult it could be to shake that title.