soulja_boyLast week while surfing you tube, I ran across a video clip of Soulja Boy performing on a local news show. Apparently, he missed his que and was still singing, “Kiss Me Through The Phone” when the second song began to play. Now we all know that the media can be vultures but you know who is worse than the media? The public. Even when the public or the majority of the public likes you, you still have to prove yourself. True, Soulja Boy isn’t the most lyrical artist and no, he doesn’t use metaphors that no one but a New York native understands but he is talented in his own way. Personally, I’m a little tired of the grown up Hip Hop bullies telling the rest of the world who we should like or dislike. So you have it! Five reasons why Soulja Boy isn’t THAT Bad.

5) Who do you prefer, OJ the Juice Man or Soulja boy?

I prefer to say, “Crank That” as opposed to barking like a dog while saying “Aye”. Nothing against OJ the Juice Man but a friend of mine compared listening to him to your brain cells on drugs.

4) Soulja Boy gets you moving

With the rate of obesity on the rise, what better way to entertain yourselves and your family than putting on a Soulja Boy video (work out video) . Soulja Boy is giving you a chance to do a little cardio while keeping up with the latest dance craze.

3) Soulja Boy is easy to understand

No need for a dictionary or an interpreter. His metaphors are rather simple and anyone can pretty much understand them. As with any rapper, there may be some words that need to be explained but no one is perfect.

2) His songs are catchy

Even if you don’t like his music, you can’t help but find yourself singing them and for that very reason, he’s onto something.

1) He could be doing much worse

We criticize these youngsters for not using their time wisely but when they try to be a bit creative we ridicule their skills. Everyone isn’t meant to be a doctor or even a lawyer, some are put on this earth to entertain us. We may not respect his art form, but he have to respect his hustle in making a name for himself.

These are my reasons. Feel free to add your own.